Church Ministers & Members

A Message to Church Ministers and Members –

Your church can grow from the JoyFest Gospel Festival!

We want to see peace in our islands, peace in our local community and peace in our families!

We want to see brotherly love and sisterly love that comes through following Jesus Christ, the giver of peace and the lover of our souls. JoyFest wants to see many people redeemed and saved. When this is happening unemployment and crime will reduce, and worry and uncertainty will be replaced with supernatural guidance, security and purposeful living.

We want to see local churches filled with more believers!

What JoyFest is and is not

JoyFest Gospel Ministries is not a business.  It is a non-profit organization that invests in the important work of spreading the Gospel message.  JoyFest’s founders and planning committee do not receive any income from JoyFest but work voluntarily to organize outreach events. 

The committee is made up of individuals from a number of different churches and work backgrounds because it is important to us that people who are active in helping JoyFest are also active in their respective churches, professions and careers by doing their very best for God.

Although conducting the JoyFest Gospel Festival is very expensive, we believe that it is worth investing in people hearing the Gospel, putting their faith in Jesus Christ and experiencing transformed lives!

JoyFest Gospel Ministries is not a church or denomination.  It is a Bible-based, Gospel-focused Christian organization that wants to reach people for the Lord and direct new believers to local churches where they will be helped to grow in their faith through studying and obeying the Word of God—the Bible! 

As every church has its own expenses to cover, working with JoyFest does not mean that there is any obligation for a church to donate money to JoyFest.

However, if any church feels led to contribute towards the cost of putting on the annual JoyFest Gospel Festival it will be greatly appreciated, because the total income from selling food or tickets at JoyFest does not cover the costs of staging, lights, sound, venue, bringing  special guests to the island, printing, advertising, prizes, etc.

Since JoyFest is not a church, it will not take away church members. JoyFest simply wants to encourage church members to grow in their faith, be active in their own church and be excited about reaching the lost for Christ so that the churches in the Virgin Islands will be filled up with more believers!

What JoyFest Needs from You and Your Church

We need you to:

  • Pray that JoyFest Gospel Festival will be mightily used by God to change lives through people deciding to trust in Jesus!
  • Encourage church members to bring their non-Christian friends, colleagues, neighbors and relatives to JoyFest events to hear the Gospel and be saved. When they get saved invite them to your church and Bible Study to be followed up. 
  • Plan how to bring people to JoyFest to hear the Gospel.  A suggestion is for each church member to write down the names of 10 non-Christians that they will start now to pray about inviting.  When JoyFest draws near, personally invite these 10 people to come with you and offer to pick them up in your car or church bus if possible.
  • Have mature believers in your church ready to counsel the people who you and your church members invite to JoyFest and who decide to follow Jesus Christ at JoyFest. (Counselors need to attend a training session prior to the Gospel Festival). 
  • Take part in the JoyFest Street Parade as a demonstration of God’s Presence in the Virgin Islands and as a powerful public witness that we are all followers of Jesus Christ even though we attend different churches.  You can bring your Church flags, banners, posters, etc., to the Street Parade.
  • Enter a group or individual from your church who can sing, dance, play an instrument, recite, etc., to come and take part in the “JoyFest Gospel Artist of the Year” Competition at the JoyFest Gospel Festival. This helps recognize and encourage Christian talent.
  • Become part of the team of ministers who will publicly pray for the Virgin Islands at the JoyFest Gospel Festival.
  • Send 1 or 2 representatives from your church to JoyFest planning meetings and work in a sub-committee.
  • Volunteer at JoyFest where needed (e.g. gate welcoming, setting-up, selling tickets, using your church bus for transportation, ushering, security, helping with Family Fun Day, etc.)
  • Help promote the JoyFest Gospel Festival throughout the Virgin Islands because you care about people’s Salvation!