About Us

Welcome to JoyFest Gospel Ministries, a registered non-profit organization that provides helpful and enjoyable Community Events – in particular, the exciting JoyFest Gospel Festival!!  

The JoyFest organization promotes Christian principles, values and attributes that will enhance good citizenship, strengthen the family unit, support positive and responsible life-styles, and encourage personal growth through great Gospel music concerts with local artists and overseas artists, guest speakers, drama, a grand and joyful street parade, and special youth and kids activities at Family Fun Day.

We invite your support of our organization through participation in JoyFest activities and events, and any form of sponsorship that is in keeping with JoyFest's values and principles. JoyFest events are drug and alcohol free to ensure that those attending can have a fun time in a safe, enjoyable environment. 

We appreciate whatever monetary donation you can give to help fund the JoyFest Gospel Festival which provides low cost entry to give everyone in the community the opportunity to participate in events that are changing lives for the better!

As part of 2012's Festival we introduced the first VI JoyFest Gospel Artist of the Year Competition for local Gospel artists. This competition gives contestants an opportunity to strive for excellence in public performance and to use their God-given talents to glorify God. We are continuing with this competition.

JoyeFest aims to:

  1. Celebrate and support Gospel music, dance and drama by involving local and international Christian Gospel artists to perform at JoyFest Gospel Festivals that will bring joy and hope to the community.
  2. Increase community participation in Gospel activities to promote love and respect for God and others.
  3. Attract local and international visitors from around the world to attend JoyFest Gospel Festivals, thus enhancing tourism and the economy, as well as developing community and international relations, and promoting a purposeful, joyful outlook in people's lives.
  4. Bring people from various church denominations together to celebrate and praise God.
  5. Organize any other related activities.

All the officers of JoyFest Gospel Ministries donate their time and services voluntarily to help plan and run JoyFest because they are passionate about meeting the above objectives and proclaiming the Gospel!

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